Conferences: OHBM and ISBA

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I’ve been making some progress within the last year on a scalable Bayesian lesion regression model which we have very originally named BLESS (= Bayesian Lesion Estimation with a Structured Spike-and-Slab) :) With BLESS, we hope to add to the methods development in the area of brain lesion mapping which aims to identify biomarkers associated with lesion incidence. Through that we hope to gain a better understanding of the aging brain and the neurodegenerative disease, multiple sclerosis.

I’m also very excited to present our work at two conferences this year. Once, to the neuroimaging community at OHBM, which stands for Organisation for Human Brain Mapping, where I am very proud to have received a merit abstract award for our contribution to methods development in the are of brain lesion mapping. Moreover, I am looking forward to being able to present our work at ISBA (= International Society for Bayesian Analysis) to a statistics audience!